Part 2: Trial Litigation for Attorneys

EXERCISE: Courtroom Rehearsal

The following rehearsal schedule is extremely effective in preparing you properly for the toughest of courtroom confrontations.

Set up several chairs, and a designated place where you will be standing, as you give your opening and closing remarks. Do the Basic Performance Rehearsal Routine (details in TalkPower book or TalkPower workshops). 

1. Stand in front of your imaginary judge, jury, and people in the gallery.

(Squeeze... squeeze... squeeze... those toes).

Say the first three words of your talk very slowly, with a space between each word. Continue through the rest of your talk. 

If you have not already made places in your talk for pauses, please note places where a pause - three toe squeeze - is appropriate for your audience as well as yourself by circling the spot on the page with a red pen. If you find that you are speaking too quickly, or you find that your talk is disorganized, I suggest you run through the TalkPower program again, starting with Chapter 6: The TalkPower Action Formula, an excellent guide for developing the story logic of a summation. 

2. Say the last sentence of your presentation. 

(Squeeze... squeeze... squeeze... those toes).

3. Walk back to your seat. Sit down. Do ten Belly Breaths. See how you feel.

4. Do this two times a day for five days before your court appearance. Concentrate on the feeling of gravity pulling your hands downs. 

For more tips and instructions, we welcome you to attend our FINAL 2016 TalkPower Workshop on November 5&6 (if not satisfied, money back guaranteed).


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