Walking Down the Aisle

Many people do not realize how traumatic walking down the aisle can be for a person who is uncomfortable when he or she is the center of attention. The bride or groom (or wedding party member) who suffers from intense self-consciousness, can go through weeks of painful anticipatory anxiety, worrying about that moment when he or she hears the organ playing ‘Here Comes the Bride.’ They think “Oh God, will I faint?” “Will I be able to breathe?” “I am going to spoil the wedding!” “I wish I could call this off...” and so on.

Only the person who suffers from performance anxiety can possibly understand the grief that comes with this unfortunate condition. However, if you rehearse walking down the aisle using the TalkPower belly breathing exercise, plus the TalkPower Transitional Mantra (see “The New TalkPower book or attend a TalkPower workshop for details), or the basic desensitization exercises at home, well in advance of the wedding date, you will find that your comfort level on the day of the wedding has increased by 100%. As a matter of fact, you may even enjoy your own wedding, much to your surprise and delight!

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