True Confessions: Part 4: Final Installment

So I say to you, Dear Reader, just as I say to the students in my seminars: There is hope. I learned to love to fly, and you can learn to speak in public and love it. You can feel great and powerful doing a talk; give yourself that chance. For each moment that you invest working with the TalkPower program, you will be repaid a thousand times over. The skills you will learn when you do the assignments and rehearsals are permanent, lifelong acquisitions. 

Just as drivers never forget how to drive cars, actors never forget or lose their performance skills, even if they have not performed for many years. Once you have gained these performance skills, you will have them for the rest of your life. You will not believe the compliments that will come your way. At first, you may be nervous, but then you will have the feeling of satisfaction that comes with being able to stand up and express yourself fully and well. If for some reason you stop practicing in the middle of your training period, you can always pick up where you left off at a later time, because a skill is derived from a network of neural patterns that become a permanent part of who you are and what you can do. 

I was born to be a teacher. As far back as I can remember my job has been to clarify and to inspire. The rewards are enormous. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction that I feel when a student tells of a moment of personal or professional triumph. Sharing many such moments with thousands of students over the years has given me an enormous feeling of validation. Not only have I shared their triumph, I have seen the impossible become possible. 

Several years ago I had a student who fainted on the platform during his valedictory address. Afterward, he went through the TalkPower program and ultimately became one of the spokespersons for his professional organization. Another young man in one of my classes suffered so severely from fear of public speaking that he lost his vision whenever he stood in front of an audience. His courage and commitment to his practice of the TalkPower program helped him to work his way out of his terrible fear. Today he is a technical consultant for his company and gives lecture demonstrations all over the world.

Not as dramatic, but just as satisfying, have been the achievements of students who came to the seminars with a minimum of nervousness but whose presentations were quite ordinary and rather dull. After they had followed through on the rehearsals and assignments, these students became polished speakers, glowing with a warmth and charm they never dreamed they possessed. 

These real-life accounts are not unusual. You are no different from any of the people who have come to the program over the years with a strong desire to overcome the terror that prevented them from speaking in public successfully. Give yourself a chance! You, too, can feel good about yourself when you get up to speak. 

Keep up with the work. Put aside the small but realistic amount of time that you will need to keep working on the rehearsals and assignments. With only twenty minutes of practice a day for the next three weeks, you can make a major breakthrough in your life.

Isn’t it time you came out?
Isn’t it time we heard your voice?
Isn’t it time your shimmering soul was revealed?
We are waiting... 
We believe in you... 

© 2000-2013 by Natalie H. Rogers

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