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The New TalkPower:
The Mind-Body Way to Speak Without Fear

by Natalie H. Rogers
Capital Books Inc., 2000
354 pages, $15.95

Almost everyone in the business world today has had to make a speech at some time or another—whether it was a two-minute spiel or an hour-long oration. Some people break into a cold sweat as soon as they hear the words public and speaking, while others manage to get all the way to the event before their knees start shaking and their voice begins to crack. Thanks to Natalie Rogers, author of The New TalkPower: The Mind-Body Way to Speak Without Fear, we now have the ultimate workbook to end the feelings of dread, the adrenaline rush, the rapid heartbeat, the trembling and the rambling.

The author provides step-by-step methods to eliminate the anguish of public speaking. Her approach is to think of it as if it were a psycho-medical disorder, focusing on the emotional, physical and mental stress associated with preparing and executing a presentation.

The book's 20 chapters cover topics that include conquering the dread that lasts for weeks before the speech, preparing an interesting speech and dealing with performance jitters, such as adrenaline rush, loss of breath and accelerated speech.

The book provides many helpful tips, including breathing techniques and perfecting the walk to the podium. One special feature is a section with templates for all types of speeches, ranging from birthday toasts to board meetings. If you're not quite ready to create your own unique speech, you can look to the templates and sample speeches for help.

The book also provides a creative edge by including quotes from well-known personalities for you to draw on for your speech. As easy to navigate as a school textbook, The New TalkPower is perfect for public speaking novices or for those speakers with a tough case of stage fright.

— Lindsay Metcalfe

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