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August Panic Clinic - 2 Day Weekend Workshop

two-day, hands-on weekend workshop for fearful or avoidant speakers.

Participants are a high-functioning population from the corporate sector, as well as people in politics, entertainment, the healing arts, and academia. Each group consists of no more than twelve participants per trainer. There is ample opportunity to speak with instructors about specific problems. Natalie H. Rogers conducts every workshop with an assistant.

Workshops include:

  • 2 full days (14 hours) of small group classes
  • Ms. Rogers teaches all classes
  • Plenty of one-on-one attention and individually-tailored advice
  • Specific instruction for permanently eliminating problems like trembling, anxiety, panic, mild stuttering, memory loss, discomfort, rapid speech, difficulty organizing a presentation, etc.
  • Time-tested, innovative, step by step exercises and drills for developing new skills of control
  • Small classes provide ample opportunity to practice new skills
  • A manual with templates for future presentations
Later Event: October 21
October Panic Clinic 2 Day Workshop