We offer a two-day, hands-on weekend workshop for fearful or avoidant speakers.

Participants are a high-functioning population from the corporate sector, as well as people in politics, entertainment, the healing arts, and academia. Each group consists of no more than twelve participants per trainer. There is ample opportunity to speak with instructors about specific problems. Natalie H. Rogers conducts every workshop with an assistant.

Workshops include:

  • 2 full days (14 hours) of small group classes
  • Ms. Rogers teaches all classes
  • Plenty of one-on-one attention and individually-tailored advice
  • Specific instruction for permanently eliminating problems like trembling, anxiety, panic, mild stuttering, memory loss, discomfort, rapid speech, difficulty organizing a presentation, etc.
  • Time-tested, innovative, step by step exercises and drills for developing new skills of control
  • Small classes provide ample opportunity to practice new skills
  • A manual with templates for future presentations

Skill Building

The success of the TalkPower programs lies in our innovative step-by-step system for training the mind and body. Permanent performance habits and skills are developed that ensure physical, mental, and emotional self-control.

TalkPower uses a five-pronged training system:

1. Learning Inner Control
2. Thinking and Speaking
3. Speech Crafting
4. Leadership Training
5. Performance Skills

Learning Inner Control

For the first three hours of the class, there are no presentations. Instead, the fear response is thoroughly and systematically addressed as participants practice step-by-step exercises. These exercises train the brain to slow down the inner response system by reducing rapid heartbeat and racing pulse, and lowering adrenaline and sugar production.

Derived from the acting repertoire identified with Constantin Stanislavski, the Talk Power program blends his moment-by-moment approach with behavioral schedules and relaxation training. Even the most fearful person can follow this routine. As a result, the brain develops the necessary neural patterning for basic performance behavior and a sense of mastery and control is restored. Following this, individual presentations can begin.

Thinking and Speaking

Part two of this five-pronged program provides the anxious speaker with original Talk Power Speech Templates so that he can organize his thoughts in a form that is clear and entertaining to the listening audience. Initially students are only on their feet for one minute. By speaking in very small units of time which grow longer as the workshop progresses, new feelings of comfort and control are learned. The sense of being overwhelmed or lost is diminished, and finally extinguished.

Speech Crafting

The program provides a simple system that is easy to follow for breaking the presentation down into short, discrete sections. Each section is worked upon separately, first with a partner, then in front of the group.

Speakers learn professional techniques for reading from a written script, thereby eliminating the need for memorization. In addition, participants are walked through unique rehearsal techniques for reinforcing skills and practicing new presentations. Question and Answer periods are covered in depth, and techniques and drills for participating at meetings are thoroughly reviewed.

Leadership Training

This segment examines the negative core beliefs that interfere with the speaker’s ability to speak in front of an audience with confidence and poise. For example, do I have the right to ask people to listen to me?

Performance Skills

Performance skills are the ability to do a particular activity (e.g. public speaking) in front of people who are watching you, while maintaining your concentration.

Why We Are Different

Traditional public-speaking workshops offer tips, hints, video, assorted gimmicks, and fragmented pieces of information that focus upon the speech, with very little attention given to the comfort, control, and concentration of the presenter. In addition, great importance is placed upon strategies for persuasiveness, projection, positive thinking, selling yourself, body language, and videotaping, none of which are helpful for the fearful speaker.

Public-speaking phobia is a complex condition arising from one’s past history of humiliation from family members and teachers, low self-esteem and lack of performance skills. In addition, inexperience with organizing content for a listening audience can be overwhelming. As a result, professional identity is threatened because of the high visibility of the public-speaking situation.

TalkPower successfully addresses every one of these issues, making it the most practical remedy available for permanently overcoming the fear of speaking in public.

Criteria for Success

  1. All phobic behaviors, i.e., rapid heartbeat, thought-blocking, trembling, panic reaction, breathing difficulty, avoidance, etc., are eliminated or in the advanced stages of change.
  2. New coping behaviors (public speaking skills) have become permanently available to the participant.
  3. All participants are able, at the completion of the program, to speak successfully in public, either in their professional setting or in a support setting, like "Toastmasters."

If you wish to speak with Ms. Rogers for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION to find out whether this workshop answers your needs, please call 212-684-1711  or e-mail


2017 NYC Workshop Dates:

Aug 5th & 6th
Oct 21st & 22nd

China Workshop

Natalie also conducts workshops in China – here are some photos from her latest visit.

"Natalie and her assistants were spectacular in providing 'hands on' techniques and a step-by-step approach to master the fear of public speaking. I am confident that this training will significantly impact my ability to do formal presentations with greater ease and finesse. My anxiety has already diminished dramatically."

Timothy D. Huber
Psychotherapist & Clinical Coordinator
Veterans Memorial Medical Center