Free Stutter Elimination Workshop

Talkpower Inc is seeking people who stutter (all levels accepted.) We are offering a free stuttering elimination training program in 4 sessions for a succesful reaserch project.

For more information please contact Natalie H. Rogers at 


The Talk Power program is enormously effective in restoring fluid speech to those who stutter. Step by step, in a matter of hours, students are amazed and gratified to find that natural fluid speech returns as the stuttering diminishes and then disappears completely.


Dear Natalie
I wanted to follow up from last Thursday, when I brought my nearly 14 year old nephew in for a speech coaching. He has suffered for nearly 10 years with a stutter, especially in front of his peers in class or with strangers and under stressful conditions in general.
You taught him your technique in the space of an hour session. Today is 4 days since he saw you and I have noticed a marked improvement in his speech patterns. His parents have both also remarked on it, especially his mother who pays particular attention to his speech. When I asked him how he feels, he also said that he felt that the physical exercises you instructed him on have helped him speak more clearly. I have been amazed at how effective your technique has been in such a short time. My nephew has been seeing speech pathologists on a regular basis since the age of 7 and he has not seen much improvement. So I am that much more impressed that you have been able to improve my nephew's speech so much more with 1 visit than 7 years of speech pathologist sessions. He also had a speech improvement device, the SpeechEasy, fit which did very little for him. All that time and expense over the years, not to mention the emotional trauma experienced by my nephew, I wish I had known about you 10 years ago. I believe your technique can change the quality of life for so many who suffer from this condition, and I wish that it could be made more widely known and available, especially to children like my nephew. I am very grateful to you for having done this for my nephew, and I am looking forward to him learning and improving even more with your workshop.
Warmest regards,
Stan Altan