Hear from a group of professionals who have taken the Stress Seminar for Public Speaking. Their testimonials were made after they had completed our two-day weekend seminar. 

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Online Reviews

From the audio testimonials:

"The skills are very practical, very logical and very helpful..."
"I knew the reasons why I had the fears that I had, but I didn't know how to do something to change the behavior..."
"I love this course... I think you can apply what we learned to so many different things in your life, not just poublic speaking."
"It's the only program in 41 years that has helped me publicly speak."
"An answer to a prayer."
"I believe in taking the shortcut, because I'm smart, and this was a shortcut, but I think it worked."
"I feel like I've had my wish come true."
"Even I can write a speech now."
"I have a lot of fabulous ideas but I've never been able to articulate them, and someone else always gets the credit."

More comments from our students

TalkPower® programs evoke powerful, positive comments. Here is a small sampling quoted with permission from the participants.

TalkPower renewed a sense of hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel—not a train!
— Noel M. White, Eastern Sales Manage, Family Magazine

I thought no one could really understand the fear I had with public speaking. Your seminar proved me wrong. I now feel confident the skills you have taught me will keep me out of my panic state. Being with a group of people that shared my same fear was very helpful and their support very comforting. The question-and-answer period really helped me, especially when the group fired away on such a controversial subject. I feel I was able to answer their questions with great ease. The seminar was supportive, structured, and very humorous.
— Dr. Gail A. Lauro Deutchman-Lauro, Chiropractic Centre

This course was very solidly organized and gave me tools to focus on the presentation itself instead of my usual anxiety and fear, allowing me to come across professionally.
— Laurie Edmonds, Caricaturist

TalkPower is a powerful tool to overcome the phobia (to speak out in public). Ms. Rogers is an expert in developing the building blocks to construct a speech and to stay calm while delivering. I am very grateful.
— Salomon Cameo, Associate Systems Analyst, United Nations

Have no fear. There is no greater program on Earth. Learn your inner control system and fly.
— Maryanne Paccione, Nursing Administrative Coordinator, South Nassau Communities Hospital

Like most of your students, I arrived with a ‘Show-me-I’m-from-Missouri’ attitude and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Your method of helping us progress one step at a time, with a feeling of always being in control, was just the ticket. What you do is not magic, but it is a systematic approach I could master and use to successfully cope with my fear of speaking in public. I now have a level of confidence I never thought possible and am looking forward to becoming a top-rate speaker.
— Faye Kitchener, Cone Author

I never thought I could put together a 7-minute speech, present it so coherently, and feel so in control. I would have never been able to do it without the knowledge and calming support I received at TalkPower Seminars.
— Pam Cressman, Project Coordinator, Thomas Jefferson Hospital

I have suffered many years with the phobia of public speaking, avoiding any situation that would put me center stage. It was an awakening experience to see how my fear is shared by so many...that it is OK to be nervous. This awareness has allowed me to better confront my fear and put me on the road to improvement.
— James Glen, Field Engineer, Eastman Kodak

Natalie and her assistants were spectacular in providing ‘hands on’ techniques and a step-by-step approach to master the fear of public speaking. I am confident that this training will significantly impact my ability to do formal presentations with greater ease and finesse. My anxiety has already diminished dramatically.
— Timothy D. Huber, Psychotherapist & Clinical Coodinator, Veterans Memorial Medical Center