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Tip #1 | The Root of the Public Speaking Problem

Talkpower Tip of the Week Week of: September 19th, 2022

People who have a fear of public speaking or stage fright think that they were born with this condition. This is not true. If you think about it, all healthy babies have no problem expressing themselves. Their expressive impulses can be heard far and wide. I am Natalie H. Rogers, MSW., CSW, founder of Talkpower: A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking Workshops. My experience tells me that Fear Of Public Speaking is developed in early childhood when children, who previously had no problem speaking, are humiliated, assaulted with harsh criticism, bullied, abused, or a sudden trauma that results in Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). I learned this through my conversations with thousands of students in my Talkpower: A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking Workshops over the past thirty years. It is very important for you to understand this becuase, just as you learned to be afraid, you can unlearn your fear.

This stress is so ingrained, you will not overcome your fear of speaking in front of people who are looking at you with the standard approach of tips, tricks, lectures, theory, meditation, therapy, suggestions, and advice. To conquer your fear or anxiety of public speaking, you must be trained with a methodology that develops skills that affect the plasticity of the brain. (The ability of the brain to remodel itself and change, that is how skills are developed.) These original exercises, routines, and drills, such as the ones in my Talkpower program, are life-changing techniques for enchanced concentration and performance. As a result, you will be comfortable and in control when you face an audience.

Next week’s Talkpower Tip of the Week Newsletter will introduce you to one of these original techniques.

Natalie H. Rogers, a top professional in her field, is happy to offer a free phone consultation, where you can discuss your public speaking history and her recommendations for specific problems.

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