"Natalie H. Rogers offers a different approach to treating the fear of public speaking... In a series of sequential steps, you learn to eliminate your distress so that it does not block your thoughts while you speak." 
-Daniel Goleman, Science editor, New York Times

Lisa Vermandel

I worked with Natalie via Skype and loved the experience. I highly recommend her book and her one on one coaching services. An excellent resource for anyone wanting to overcome their fear of public speaking or being in the spotlight. Thanks Natalie for all your help!


This was an incredible experience which taught me how to control my breathing and body. To ultimately deliver powerful controlled speeches while not feeling nervous.


I have taken many public speaking classes and this is diffrent from the rest becuase it is better and it adresses real issues people have with public speaking which is learning how to control symptoms.

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"Natalie provides expert training in an open fun environment, she remained present and very focused for 8 hours each day. You will leave with valuable tools that can be used immediately." 

- Ken Fox, 



Natalie’s program is a well-structured approach to overcoming a fear of public speaking. She presented the training extremely well. I could see that I was capable of speaking well in public. I walked away from the program confident that I will be able to become a great public speaker. 

- Greg Yurkovich, 




I have taken many public speaking classes and Talkpower is different from the rest. It is so much better because it addresses real issues with Public Speaking, which is learning how to control the out of control symptoms we all feel while presenting or giving a speech. The other courses were useless, Natalie addressed every aspect to speech organization to performance. 

- Lorette Armstrong, 




This was an incredible experience which taught me how to control my mind and body, to ultimately delivering powerful and controlled experiences, without getting nervous. 

- Jon-Eric Waddell, 




This experience could be truly life changing. I also had issues with anxiety but now I am more confident and relaxed. The workshop was very well organized, great personal attention and all my questions were addressed. 

- Tyler Finkstein, 




I highly recommend Natalie and Talkpower. This structure of the course was great, and Natalie was very patient with me. We all saw amazing results. It was a great environment; everything was thoroughly explained. 

- Jay Merullo, 




TalkPower is an unbelievably effective workshop - the whole class was literally 100% improved in only 2 days. What I liked best is that the people I took the class with were all so different. But we had one thing in common - fear of public speaking! I loved that I could see people (and feel myself) truly making vast improvements during the course of even the first day. Slowing down speaking, using breath and awareness to ground ourselves. Seeing others be nervous and get through it, and we were all rooting each other on. It was very supportive, very fun, very different, and just VERY EFFECTIVE. It works! 


Don’t even hesitate. Sign up!!!! I absolutely HATE public speaking. The thought of speaking in front of people makes me want to pass out, fall over, die, etc. I literally felt more relaxed speaking in front of people after the first class than I could even imagine feeling in my office. I love this class and will recommend it heartily to my friends and colleagues who are looking to improve in this area. I think a combination of this class plus toast masters is the perfect combination for public speaking mastery.





After years of training at the world’s leading institutions, I came to Natalie H. Rogers "Talkpower A Panic Clinic For public speaking Workshop" hoping for a lot and receiving more than I could imagine.  Her support, expertise and guidance were unmatched.  I was especially impressed with her ability to understand topics and give advice on developing my talk and my delivery even when she was not familiar with the specifics or technical details of my particular job.  I found her to be extremely bright, positive, insightful, flexible, and supportive. She taught me the tools and techniques that will give me comfort and expertise in presenting for years to come. Ms. Rogers approach. is moldable to different topics and situations whether you are delivering a big speech or attending a small meeting.  


Even though I live in New York, Natalie and I had meetings over Skype as well as in person. I must say that the Skype sessions worked just as well as the sessions in her office. She is truly the real deal.




Extremely well organized and presented, held my attention. Natalie’s method makes creating the speech less intimidating. Her techniques were eye opening. I came to this seminar terrified to say even a few words in front of other people. Now, even though I’m not perfect, I know I can speak even at length in front of other people.

- C.C






I like the attention to the fear aspect of public speaking, and Natalie’s concrete methods for dealing with anxiety. I now am more confident in my ability to give a speech; my discomfort is really lowered. It was enlightening to be part of a group that shared my special problem when I felt so long. Natalie demystified the techniques of public speaking to distill my fears and give me more confidence in myself. I have been delighted to be given really strong tools to create a speech. 

- Ginny







The instructions were very clear. I liked the practical application of techniques and the outline for the speeches. This course appears to have made a difference in my confidence level. I believe Talkpower is about getting on with your life, facing the fear of public speaking removes the veil I have long lived behind. I am on my way to doing more public speaking. 

-Darcy, VP





Very well done and presented. I liked learning by doing. Talkpower is an excellent basic course for anyone who has a severe fear of speaking in public. The techniques and principals taught are logical and practical.

- Bill, Director, J.P Morgan 







Very helpful in disrupting negative patterns, very intellectual, that perpetuate anxiety reactions, and developing new skills. Talkpower is a very original effective approach to overcoming my fear of speaking in public.

-Danny, Psychotherapist





I really felt as though I learned some really tangible skills, that will have application in a financial setting. I thought that Natalie was great, she definitely leads by example. I can already feel the difference in the presentation style, I feel relaxed, and I am actually looking forward to testing my new skills.

- Cathy, Platinum Card Marketing

"TalkPower really opened doors for me. I'd done some public speaking but had many unanswered questions, things that made me feel uncomfortable in front of an audience. Rogers book answered all my questions and some i never thought to ask. her method is a revelation, a ticket to success in public speaking. It is useful for a beginner or a more advanced speaker. i am grateful to Rogers for the information she provides as well as the graceful way she writes. I think this book is really excellent!"


Natalie's methods empower people to move past their fears, insecurities and become effective speaking in front of large groups. Natalie’s techniques and theories are unique among the hundreds of courses.


This is the first class I have taken that had practical training with relevance to the real world. I'm exicted about the change I've seen in myself already.


I would strongly recommend this seminar if you have tried other classes, but have been unable to overcome your fear of public speaking. It is very effective to be coached in a group.

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