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Why hide when you can speak fluently with Stutter No More Training

My Story

Natalie H. Rogers, MSW, CSW, Founder of "Stutter No More


More than 30 years ago, I began teaching Talkpower: A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking a new Mind/ Body program based upon concentration training. This workshop was designed for professionals who had a serious fear of public speaking. Very early on  I observed a radical change in one of the public speaking students who had a stutter. When he participated in the Talkpower concentration exercises with the rest of the class he began to speak fluently in a very natural manner as if he never had a stuttering problem. The change was so dramatic and in such contrast to his previous stuttering when he first introduced himself that I can still recall the gasp made by the entire class when he suddenly spoke fluently and well. And so whenever this student used the original Talkpower exercises he was again able to express himself with naturally fluent speech. And so I began investigating this unusual turn of events, finding people who stuttered and were willing to try using the Talkpower concentration exercises. The results were consistently positive. After several sessions, the previously stuttering participants were able to speak fluently and also of great importance their speech was natural, without any signs of robotic, stasis or monotonous tone. And so based upon my findings I introduced a  Stutter No  More program into my Talkpower curriculum. In the years that followed I developed the Stutter No More Workshop into a systematic step by step program,  formatted into  4 one hour sessions plus daily homework conveniently available all over the world on Skype to people who stutter. This became a model for the Stutter No more training program,  transforming the speech of the stuttering clients into easy, natural and fluent speech within a 4 week period: fluent speech that would become permanent. Of course, there were the occasional individuals who did not respond to the program, and those unwilling to do the homework. However, 95 percent of the many stutterers who participated in the “ Stutter  No More” Program experienced dramatic relief, some even within the very first session. Now students could look forward to a future of visibility and possible leadership forever changed from”  the silent behind the scenes”  role they previously played. The training with Ms. Rogers is conveniently available all over the world on Skype.




New behavior includes thinking and speaking calmly in conversation and on the phone, the elimination of tension in the face, tics and head jerks, the absence of robotic speech or monotonous tone a minimum of anxiety, a new sense of control, enhanced concentration and primarily the ability to think and  speak with natural speech fluency. This skill for enhanced concentration and speech fluency is accomplished through the individualized one on one training sessions with Ms. Rogers as well as the simple daily homework assignments during the 4 week training period conveniently available all over the world on Skype.




I developed these Programs  by synthesizing and systematizing my experience as the Artistic Director of the Dove Theatre Company in St. Peters Church in New York City,  my training as a Method Actress and acting teacher, my Clinical experience as a Behavioral  Psychotherapist MSW,CSW, my professional experience as the founder of Talkpower : A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking, training thousands of Talkpower  participants over a 30 year period, my experience as a longtime Yoga practitioner, and my passion to observe and imagine new ways to respond to previously insoluble problems with my intuitive and creative ability.

 And so my fist book Talkpower”: How To Speak Without Fear

“Dodd Mead “1982 was based upon the very same Neuro Scientific approach for creating the new behaviors that are developed through participation in the  Stutter  No More Sessions and represents the essence of the Stutter No More program. My next book, Talkpower: The Mind-Body Way To Speak Without Fear Capital Books 2000, Includes recent developments.




How then do the original Natalie H. Rogers  Stutter No More training exercises work to reduce and eliminate all aspects of mild to severe long term stuttering in conversation as well as on the phone in such a short period of time and conveniently available all over the world on Skype.


To be more specific, I theorize that Memory Centers of the brain may have responded to the Talkpower training intense concentration exercises and the other drills and routines, by becoming infused with enzymes and markers which are associated with the initiation and protection of neurons. As a result, the Talkpower repetitive training processes were able to effectively increase molecular activity also called Plasticity. causing the new fluent speech behavior to be integrated as “Muscle Memory” This would explain the ability of the previously stuttering client to resemble the behavior of someone who does not stutter. In summary, the development of the chains of cells (Neurons)  ultimately result in skills that enable the  stutterer to have his natural fluent speech restored

In a period of five weeks or less. That is my theoretical explanation of how the  Talkpower drills and exercises enabled the previously stuttering student to think and talk naturally and easily with fluent speech after training in the Stutter No More  Workshop programs are conveniently available with Ms. Rogers all over the world on Skype. This includes speaking easily and naturally on the phone which happens to be particularly challenging for the stutterer.


Because of the proprietary  nature of these original exercises, drills and routines I am not at liberty to describe them  here with more specificity




Because of the high visibility of the stutterers' impairment people who stutter experience extreme levels of frustration and anxiety when trying to speak. As a result, this condition is extremely difficult to treat with standard methods that offer  isolated  solutions like bringing attention to the throat, repetition of sounds, exercises with  the tongue, the lips, the jaw, breath control, diet, daily medication,  relaxation training, hypnosis, training programs that are too difficult to manage in the real  world, trying to eliminate or correct the stutter directly, and even selling devices that are worn  in the ear and on the head: or fluency devises. Solutions that may result in unnatural and robotic speech with a monotonous tone. In addition, the stutterer must be  forever alert and on the

Edge if his seat fearful of possible slips and backtracking, causing tension with   

Friends, family and at work, In my opinion, the Standard solutions are not up to the task of dealing with the essence and complexity of this problem.  Furthermore when there is progress often the stuttering eventually returns.


In contrast, the Talkpower Stutter No More methodology of training includes a systematic program of original step by step hands-on repetitive exercises, drills, and routines that do not focus upon the stutter at all but instead are designed to develop enhanced concentration skills. The brain reacts to this process with dynamic brain changes, resulting in new muscle memory integration resulting in behavior that is involuntary and automatic with speech that is natural and fluent. In other words, the unique series of intense concentration exercises creates a new shift of attention away from the rapid and confusing tangle of expressive impulses and threatening thoughts, conscious and unconscious that manifests itself in the form of stuttering behavior to a new inner calm with inner-directed awareness. This state of consciousness leads the stutterer to the development of skills and techniques that are essential for the new behavior of easy natural speech fluency. This training with Ms. Rogers is conveniently available all over the world on Skype.




Years ago when I first  started conducting the Talkpower  workshops I had no way of knowing how unusual my approach was or how profoundly important it was to become to the thousands of speech phobic individuals and stutterers whose lives were forever changed by participating  in the Talkpower Workshops or in the one on one  Stutter No More sessions  with me. Eventually, however, It became apparent that the successful reaction to the techniques and exercises I had developed was consistent and enduring in speech phobic individuals as well as the people who stuttered. And so I wondered if these new behaviors that were so natural and involuntary might be connected in some way to activity in the brain. At that time I lacked a scientific language or a scientific orientation that would allow me to express or follow through theoretically on what I was perceiving. However, after observing the consistently  transformative effects year after year  I felt very strongly that the brain was somehow involved  and affected by the Talkpower Concentration Training 

 So in my second book “Talkpower: The Mind-Body Way To  Speak  Without Fear” Capital Books,1982  P. 44 I referred to the work of  Dr. Eric Kandel Professor at Columbia University in the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior, a  Nobel prize winner for his work with the Sea Slug. where he had demonstrated that “new neural connections can be made in response to the environment” I began to consider that this idea about new neural connections provided a possible objective explanation of what sets in motion the transformative experience that students who participate in the Stutter No More programs were experiencing. Furthermore, in the case of the stuttering, the concentration exercises represented the environment that Dr. Kandel was referring to and that the students were responding to with new fluid speech.  Building on Dr. Kandel’s ‘theory, I am proposing that the systematic repetition of the Talkpower exercises may alter the functional connections between neurons and actually create changes in the cerebral cortex. As a result, this process causes the speech of the person who previously stuttered to resemble the behavior of someone who does not stutter This theory may explain how such a dramatic transformation can occur for 95 percent of the stuttering participants in such a short period of time.


 The Training with Ms. Rogers is conveniently available all over the world on Skype.




 In this regard may I say that although my observations are all anecdotal over the many years of my career  I have had and still have the rare privilege of working with a significant number of high functioning professionals during which time I have observed consistently transformative  brain remodeling results in clients  who stutter as well as  speech phobic individuals. This kind of opportunity for the observation of such transformative results in such a large and  elite population over a lengthy period of time is highly unusual, and not one that is commonly experienced in laboratory studies



I am Natalie H. Rogers, MSW, CSW, founder of Talk Power: A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking My books, Talkpower How to Speak  Without Fear and The New Talk Power The Mind-Body Way To Speak Without Fear has been published in 12 languages. In addition to more than 30 years of experience, conducting my Talkpower  Workshops, for the public and for various companies, I have worked as a consultant for the American Express Company for nine years where I conducted countless Talkpower programs under the name  "Stress Seminars For Public Speaking."