Natalie H. Rogers, MSW, CSW, Founder and President 


"Why hide,

When you can overcome your fear of speaking in public?



Talkpower, A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking

  • Eliminates Stage Fright and fear of speaking in public

  • Exercises and drills to end self-consciousness

  • Permanent public Speaking Skills

  • Thinking on your feet in front of an audience 

  • Proper breathing techniques to reduce anxiety

  • Effective templates for speaking at meetings

  • Money-back gurantee



Talk Power, A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking is a unique and original neuroscientific training program, created by Natalie H. Rogers, that guarantees permanent PUBLIC SPEAKING and performance skills. This training program is particularly effective for professionals, with a serious fear of speaking in public or those who avoid speaking in public completely. In two-day weekend workshops or on Skype, step by step, with a series of original exercises, routines and drills Natalie H. Rogers Talkpower trains the brain for the skill of performance. Performance: Your ability to stay focused and confident on what you have to say when the audience is looking at you.


In addition Talkpower, A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking offers a variety of original templates for organizing information quickly and efficiently. 


Created and designed by Natalie H. Rogers, M.S.W, Ms. Rogers, psychotherapist, actress and author, is the founder of Talkpower Training Seminars. She is the author of the best selling” Talkpower The Mind Body Way To Speak Without Fear”, translated into 14 languages.

One on one Skype sessions are available nationally and internationally


"Even though I live in New York, Natalie and I had meetings over Skype as well as in person. I must say that the Skype sessions worked just as well as the sessions in her office. She is truly the real deal - Karen


"You learn to eliminate your distress so that it does not block your thoughts while you speak."
- Daniel Goleman, Science Editor, NY Times
"When I first came to the workshop I was very discouraged, I did not believe anyone could help me. Now in the last few hours, I can not wait to go to my first Toastmaster meeting. 
"An incredible experience which taught me how to control my breathing and body."
- Harrison, Tax Consultant 
"I have taken many public speaking classes and this is different from the rest because it is better and it addresses real issues people have with public speaking"
- Lorette, VP
"Natalie’s techniques and theories are unique among the hundreds of courses."
- Buck, J.P Morgan 

You are not alone! 

 Statements made by participants in the first hour of the Talkpower workshop.


"In school, I was taught that students were to be seen, but not heard. I became afraid to raise my hand in class or I became extremely nervous when I did. Now when I speak up at meetings or events I get extremely nervous and I feel flushed. I avoid positions where I have to speak up."

- Julie. 


"I was always shy. I thought the issue would go away with age but in some ways, it has gotten worse. I was the youngest child so maybe they were less patient with me. In school, I would be very quiet and not speak up. I had my first panic attack in college. Professionally this has been a problem because even in simple meeting or job interviews I get too nervous. This stops my professional advancement and it is miserable for me.  



"I first became aware of my problem at a job interview; I didn't speak clearly and I spoke too quickly. As a result, I lose out in professional opportunities and avoid talking to decision-makers and executives.   



"In school, I hated to be called on, I would always get nervous and forget the answers.  The night before I have to make a presentation I am so nervous I can't sleep. 



"I am not shy in conversations but when I have to get up in front of people, I feel very self-conscious and can't really think straight. If I am unable to speak at meetings, training or staff meetings my career will be at a standstill. 





American Express

Travel Related Services Company, Inc

American Express Tower

World Financial Center

New York, NY 10285

Dear Natalie,


I just want to thank you for the excellent Talkpower: Public Speaking Without Stress Seminars you put on for us this year.


Your course is so helpful to people. It really changes them in a fundamental way after they attend. We are always able to fill your program when we offer it. This is because the word/of/mouth around the company is so positive about the program. People really enjoy it and say it works. I work have to say that your seminar consistently among the best ratings of any of the many on-site classes we offer our employees. 


Natalie, you are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to jointly putting together more Talkpower program again next year.


Happy Holidays,






Karen Quinn                                                               

Vice President 






Dear Natalie, 


Thank you so much. Because of you I am no longer fearful of speaking before a group, and I had always been terrified at just the thought. This was a disheartening predicament for me. I am a poet who writes to the ear and my terror prevented me from reading my poetry in public. 


After attending your Talk Power class and practicing your techniques, I am now able to share my poems with others. This has opened up a whole new world to me that I could never have enjoyed otherwise. 

I read somewhere that life expands or shrinks in proportion to your courage. Thank you for giving me the courage to expand my world. 




Betsy Thorne  

* * *

* * *

Exciting News:

Registration for our 2020 Talkpower Workshops is now open.


2020 Workshop dates: 

Jul: 7/25-7/26

Aug: 8/29-8/30

 Sep: 9/26-9/27 

Oct: 10/24-10/25

Nov: 11/21-11/22

 Dec: 12/19-12/20 

Jan: 1/25-1/26

Feb: 2/22-2/23

Mar: 3/28-3/29

Apr: 4/25-4/26

May: 5/30-5/31

Jun: 6/27-6/28

If you find that anyone of these dates is not convenient, please consider using our Skype service for 5, one hour, Talkpower training programs.

"Natalie H. Rogers offers a different approach to treating the fear of public speaking... In a series of sequential steps, you learn to eliminate your distress so that it does not block your thoughts while you speak."


-Daniel Goleman, Science Editor, New York Times 

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This experience could be truly life changing. I also had issues with anxiety but now I am more confident and relaxed. The workshop was very well organized; great personal attention and all my questions were addressed.

- Tyler Finkstein, 



Talkpower is an incredibly unique course, there is really nothing like it, the techniques were simple yet powerful and the focus on repetition drills was supremely clever.

- Dova McGinness



Being an entrepreneur the first obstacle is to overcome my fear of public speaking. Natalie did an amazing job to calm me down so that I can focus on my speech more and reduce my anxiety. I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful training.

- Wai Young, Entrepreneur 



Talkpower is an amazing class that gives you the tools and techniques to get over your fear of performing/speaking. It was great and I fell a lot more confident going into my next speech.

- Barry Hog


It was a pleasure taking Natalie’s workshop, the techniques definitely helped me, she was very supportive and she gave very good instruction. The workshop also helped me to learn how to organize my speeches and presentations and gave me the techniques to calm myself and slow down.

- Durand Kuuok, Sales Engineer 

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