“This experience could be truly life changing. I also had issues with anxiety but now I am more confident and relaxed. The workshop was very well organized; great personal attention and all my questions were addressed."

- Tyler Finkstein

“Being an entrepreneur the first obstacle is to overcome my fear of public speaking. Natalie did an amazing job to calm me down so that I can focus on my speech more and reduce my anxiety. I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful training."

- Wai Young, Entrepreneur 

“Talkpower is an incredibly unique course, there is really nothing like it, the techniques were simple yet powerful and the focus on repetition drills was supremely clever."

- Dova McGinness

“Talkpower is an amazing class that gives you the tools and techniques to get over your fear of performing/speaking. It was great and I fell a lot more confident going into my next speech."

- Barry Hog

“It was a pleasure taking Natalie’s workshop, the techniques definitely helped me, she was very supportive and she gave very good instruction. The workshop also helped me to learn how to organize my speeches and presentations and gave me the techniques to calm myself and slow down."

- Durand Kuuok, Sales Engineer 

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