Natalie H. Rogers, M.S.W, Ms. Rogers, psychotherapist, actress and author.

Meet Natalie

Created and designed by Natalie H. Rogers, M.S.W, Ms. Rogers, psychotherapist, actress and author, is the founder of Talkpower Training Seminars. She is the author of the best selling” Talkpower The Mind Body Way To Speak Without Fear”, translated into 12 languages.

Twenty years ago Ms. Rogers, MSW, CSW, realized that traditional methods like Advise, Suggestions, Relaxation Training, Visualization, Positive Thinking, Eye Contact, Body Language, Video or Therapy could not significantly change intense performance anxiety. Conducting hundreds of workshops in search of a cohesive method for controlling this condition Ms. Rogers with her wealth of professional knowledge developed an original  Mind Body, Muscle Memory training program for expanding concentration and eliminating intense anxiety when having to face an audience. This practical step-by-step training based upon the principals of neuroscience (dealing with the brain) is called Talkpower: A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking. Conducted by Ms. Rogers with her original exercises, routines and drills it is similar to the systematic way star athletes are trained for major Sports events.  

Synthesizing and systematizing my experience as the Artistic Director of the Dove Theatre Company in St. Peters Church in New York City,  my training as a Method Actress and acting teacher, my Clinical experience as a Behavioral  Psychotherapist MSW, CSW, my professional experience as the founder of Talkpower: A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking, training thousands of Talkpower participants over a 30 year period, my experience as a longtime Yoga practitioner, and my passion to observe and imagine new ways to respond to previously insoluble problems of public speaking phobia with my intuitive and creative ability I developed the Talkpower: A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking and so although my first book "Talkpower: How To Speak Without Fear" “Dodd Mead“ 1982 was aimed at professionals who had a fear of public speaking, it seems to have been based upon the very same Neuro Scientific methodology that works so successfully for people who stutter when they participate in that Stop That Stutter Program


My book, Talkpower: The Mind-Body Way To Speak Without Fear Capital Books, published in twelve languages describes the Talkpower program and  is now available on Amazon as well as the E Book Talkpower,  A Panic Clinic For Public Speaking 

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