TalkPower: A Panic Clinic for Public Speaking [E-Book]

Talkpower the definitive book for professionals who have a serious fear and anxiety about public speaking: including people who avoid it altogether.

The New Talk Power: The Mind-Body Way to Speak Like a Pro (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)

The New TalkPower is a mind-body system that integrates neurobiology, behavior modification, performance techniques, speech crafting and leadership skills to help you master every aspect of public speaking - from gracious toasts to great speeches.

Book Reviews:

If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. This is simply the best book of its kind. FINALLY someone has created a technique that addresses all of the problems faced by fearful speakers.

The exercises are simple and effective. I learned more about performance and speech than I have in my 35 years prior. I look forward to putting much of this into practice at TM meetings and contests.

Well done, Ms. Rogers!

-Karla McNeese, via

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